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Therapy Services

Sessions with Unearth You Therapy are customised to your individual needs, allowing for a holistic approach for the issue(s) that needs to be healed. As part of your experience, you may begin to notice positive shifts occuring, likened to that of a ripple effect. Where the changes happen at their own individual speed, creating new beliefs and behaviours as time goes on.

- You can 'Live a Life You Love' when you begin to let go of what no longer serves you.

- You will have an increased level of self-confidence and self-worth.

- You will navigate life in a way that allows you to easily understand your emotions.

- You will notice your quality of sleep improves.

- You will 'feel' different about life and notice more abundance.

- You will learn what your body needs at any given moment.

These are just some of the changes clients have had, as a result of completing their therapy and continuing daily practices to help support their healing journey.

I use a mixture of different modalities. Such as, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, advanced conversational hypnotherapy and soon to come breathwork (click this link to find out more). Using a combination of different modalities allows me to get you the results faster and also adapting it to your individual needs.



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