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It wasn't until I reached my late 40's that I realised what I truly wanted in life, so I could love the life I live. I used to seek perfection in daily tasks and have an 'all or nothing' approach to feel a sense of achievement and pride. That was the 'old me', and that part of who I WAS is no more.


Our emotional and psychological wounds can leave us feeling stuck, maybe a feeling of being alone or holding onto past events that prevent us from living in the now, fully.

Now I'm at peace with my past, accept my present and I'm excited for my future. And this is totally possible for you too!

Love and light,

Clare x

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Life's a Journey



When we experience pleasure in our life, it has a ripple effect on the relationship with have with ourselves, our partner, children, career and friendships. It promotes healing, stimulates feel good hormones, enables us to express emotions and has an overall benefit in how our day to day life plays out.


Clearing your body and mind and gaining an understanding that allows for a newly focused direction for the life you want. Understanding how you are able to make choices that align with your true authentic self.


Learn to tap into the core of who you are. What makes you YOU? Connect with what you 'feel' in any moment and understand how to process your emotions. Know what your core beliefs and values are, so that you truly align with what brings you fulfilment and joy.

Divorced parents...

No matter your age, parents divorcing has a massive effect on children. Mine divorced when I was 12 years of age and it felt like my world was torn apart - confusion, anger, hurt, emotional instability, numbness, grief and more were felt. This coupled with having an emotionally unavailable father, left many more emotional, psychological and spiriual wounds. These included:

My mental health was affected, emotional dysregulation/maturity, relationship issues, shopping addiction, attachment issues, dissociation, limiting beliefs, low self-worth, lack of confidence and many more issues.

Experience the power of your amazing subconscious mind, as you go on a journey that allows you to release any past feelings, images, thoughts, emotions or sensations that you have been holding onto.

If you are ready to make a change today, so that you can FEEL as good as you can, get in touch.

Unhealthy Relationships

We Seek What is Familiar...

Not knowing how to feel safe in a relationship or understanding what love meant, I would constantly feel a void (unknowingly) in meaningless relationships. I had no emotional regulation or maturity. My attachment style left me feeling like I was never safe or secure with men. I was seeking something that I was familiar with, so the pattern kept on repeating itself.

I was looking for a 'project' not 'love'.

So I created a 'Father Wound' program that allows you to do the work you need in order to heal from your childhood experiences.


Becoming a Mum

The moment my life changed, was when I became a mum. That may sound cliche, but it's how I honestly felt and still do.

So, why was a left feeling so lonely, isolated and deeply depressed with my firstborn? I was prescribed antidepressants as I had PostNatal Depression. I learnt about the power of the mind and began taking care of myself.

Then surprise! I was expecting twins, as our son turned 1! My mindset shifted, so I could give birth naturally and I did.

Hypnotherapy can help you release any childbirth trauma you may have experienced and instead we can rewrite how you 'feel' so you can be connected fully as a mum.

And then every changed again when I hit my perimenopause...

Midlife Changes


My perimenopause began in my mid 40's, where I experienced anxiety, mood swings, low libido and other psychological/ emotional symptoms. So, I know and understand how this can impact our lives as a woman.


Therefore, I developed a  program that's tailored to your individual needs, as you learn how to navigate this stage of your life confidently and ease your symptoms.




Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Kinetic Shift Practitioner


Emotional Freedom Technique Diploma


Level 2 - Certificate in Counselling Skills


Level 2 - Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

Helping You...

When you are ready to experience your own transformation and change whatever is holding you back or keeping you stuck. Get in touch today to find out how we can work together.


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