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I value the experience my client's have and if they feel comfortable to leave a review, they either send me an anonymous directly to me, or they can write one directly on my

Google Business page.

Parent - private client

Clare has been helping my daughter who was experiencing anxiety/panic attacks through hypnotherapy.  It was terrible as a parent to feel so helpless to see my child so distressed.

Clare has gently teased out the root causes of the anxiety so that it can be addressed and subsequently worked through.

Professional, kind and supportive, Clare has helped my daughter immensely and her self-confidence has started to grow again.

The sessions were carefully planned by Clare and explained thoroughly.  They were chatty and fun: my daughter did not find them stressful or frightening in any way!

Advice was given post-sessions as to how my daughter may feel afterwards, but Clare checked in regularly with us and I knew if I had any concerns, that I could contact her to discuss.  Progress was reviewed by Clare before and after sessions with both my daughter and myself.

My daughter has been given age appropriate “tools” that she has been able to utilise to help calm herself in situations that would previously have provoked an enormous anxiety attack.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare to other parents whose children may experience similar problems, and who could benefit from her service.

Private client

I would like to say a big thank you to Clare for helping me overcome my anxiety with traveling on public transport. 

I was so anxious and tense about using and traveling,now thanks to Clare and her therapy I'm now relaxed and not even tensed, I go out with relaxed shoulders no gritting of teeth. Just feel wonderful about going out. Thank you Clare..


I've been to see Claire on a number off occasions now, for different reason. Claire is very good at her job, very professional and works to a very high standard. She meets your needs every time.


I've felt completely comfortable within her presence each time. Seeing Claire has completely changed my out look on life. I'm so much more confident within my self and my role at work. My work life has just flourished from strength to strength, my manager has see a change in me aswell. I've see claire for other reason due to my past and childhood, that was so moving, but yet so comforting at the same time.


Claire has help me, massively. Would definitely recommend her and would definitely go back. Thank u so much claire

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