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Meet Clare

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

Think of Unearth You Therapy (formerly Enlighten Your Mind Therapy) as a haven for healing. An experience where you will be heard, seen and given space to let go of whatever it is that's keeping you stuck.

Possibly stuck in a loop, where an unhealthy habit is holding you back from truly living, or holding onto grief that you are finding hard to move on from. Maybe you don't consciously know what the problem is, but somehow you 'feel' in your body that something needs to shift because you are weighed down by it.

Whatever it maybe for you, is perfectly okay because this is your journey and story to share with me during your time in therapy.


How I work...

When you avoid DOING the work that enables you to release whatever has created your fears, limiting beliefs, unhealed trauma, constant negative thinking, unhealthy habits, anxiety, guilt, resentment and other blocks, it prevents you from living a life you love.

These negative patterns can also impact the rest of your life; your mental health, wellbeing, physical body, emotional state and cause psychological symptoms.

Together, we will work through your difficulties, as I guide you gently on a journey of healing, through the use of hypnosis, talking therapy, kinetic shift techniques and on occasions spiritual elements (driven by clients desires).

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