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Unearth You Therapy Services

Sessions with Unearth You Therapy are customised to your individual needs, allowing for a holistic approach for the issue(s) that needs to be healed. As part of your experience, you may begin to notice positive shifts occurring, likened to that of a ripple effect. Your individual changes will happen at their own individual pace, which can include:

- You can you begin to let go of what no longer serves you.

- You will experience an increased level of self-confidence and self-worth.

- You will have a better understanding of your emotions and how to manage them.

- You will notice your quality of sleep improves.

- You will 'feel' different about life and notice more abundance.

- You will learn what your body needs at any given moment.

These are just some of the changes clients have had, as a result of completing their therapy and continuing daily practices to help support their healing journey. And yours will be unique to you.



What We Do...

Let Your Body Tell Its Story

If you haven't allowed yourself to feel or heal after experiencing grief, splitting up with a partner, or processing your parents divorcing when you were younger, then your body will have stored these unprocessed /suppressed emotions and energy. 

There are many events we can experience that we hold onto unknowingly, but when these effect our wellbeing, habits, behavioural patterns and unhealthy cycles that leave us feeling depressed, anxious or create addictions, it's time to start on a journey of healing.


Breathwork is a beautiful practice that allows you to safely connect with your inner world to unearth and integrate any unprocessed traumas you may have experienced in your life. 

Your experiences shape how you see the world and how your body responds. This effects your internal landscape, what armouring you have and the patterns and behaviours that have been developed over time.


I have met my current course requirements for practising breathwork sessions with individuals, so I am currently charging a training fee as follows:

£50 - In person for a 90 minute session.

£30 - Online for a 90 minute session.

Please note that the fee will increase once I have completed my training.


You will experience different forms of embodiment practices throughout your time with Unearth You Therapy. Allowing you to learn how to understand your body's needs and having agency to manage any emotions and do the work required within your body, such as expression of self through dance, sounds, meditations and more.

The appropriate practices are customised to the needs of client's individually.


It is recommended to have at least 6 sessions to get the maximum benefit of reconnecting with your body and letting each part of your story unearth at a slow and gentle pace. 

Part of your body and breathwork experience may involve touch, but this will only be done with your permission.

You can experience your sessions in your own home (location permitting) or online.

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